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Product development

Meet net zero with our H2 products

Our H2 products are developed to empower individuals and businesses on their journey to energy self-sufficiency and net zero.

Become self-sufficient

Flexible Plug-and-Play solutions

Decarbonise your building

ESG regulation compliance

Achieve net zero

      Empowering individuals and businesses

      Our product vision centres on crafting innovative plug-and-play solutions and comprehensive services tailored to a broad customer base.

      We aim to facilitate energy self-sufficiency, empowering individuals and businesses to break free from fluctuating energy costs and achieve net zero. We seek to accelerate the journey towards a green energy future by providing easy access and a scalable pathway.

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      Who are our products for?

      Production industry

      Residential complex


      Commercial buildings

      Office buildings

      Hotels & resorts


          Tobias Gruber

          Head of Products

          “Our hydrogen-based products, create cost-effective, plug-and-play solutions for a broad customer base, facilitating an easy transition to energy self-sufficiency and achieving net-zero goals.”