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About us

Reshaping the energy landscape

Let’s do things differently

The aspiration to lead transformation and reshape the energy landscape has consistently guided our path. We have all the tools and the know-how that is necessary to change the course of our times and address the challenges posed by climate change.

Infener is the realisation of our deep-seated vision and urgency to channel all our resources towards changing the status quo.

      Challenge, collaborate, improve, and change!

      Our solutions and products share a common goal: decentralising energy, generating it where it's needed, and unlocking the full potential of renewable resources.

      With a wealth of innovative technologies, brilliant minds, and a community of inspiring individuals, we have the potential to transform the way things are done.

      “Living in this transformative age comes with a huge responsibility, yet we're blessed with abundant and fascinating opportunities for change - it is up to us.”

      Felix Paul Schmid | Co-Founder

      Our offices

      Numerous projects are underway in Europe, strategically located at transportation routes and within industrial areas.

      • Munich - DE

        Siegfriedstr. 8
        DE – 80803 Munich

      • Zurich - CH


        Zweierstrasse 129
        CH - 8003 Zurich

      • Stansstad - CH


        Mühlebach 2

        CH - 6362 Stansstad

      • PORSGRUNN - NO

        NO - 3903 PORSGRUNN

      • Lisbon - PT

        R. Damião de Góis 17

        1400-087 Lisbon

      Lisbon | PT
      Munich | DE
      Zurich | CH
      Stansstad | CH

      The vision

      Decarbonising communities and industries to shape a net-zero future

      We aim to inspire by revolutionising the energy landscape, decentralising operations, and prioritising local value creation, thus fostering a community-centric approach to build a brighter, sustainable future. 

      The mission

      Supplying industry, mobility, and communities with green hydrogen

      We want to lead the transition towards a green energy future and catalyse the growth of the green hydrogen economy. We achieve this by delivering impactful solutions and cutting-edge products that redefine the boundaries of sustainable energy.

      Meet our team of experts

      Board members

      Joel Vogl

      CEO | co-founder

      Felix Paul Schmid

      BD & Chief Brand Officer | co-founder

      Christoph Waser

      Business Development | co-founder

      Patrick Schätzle

      Board Member

      Pius Huwiler

      Board member | co-founder

      David Zak

      Board member | co-founder


      Joel Vogl


      Felix P Schmid

      BD & Chief Brand Officer | co founder

      Christoph Waser

      Business Development | co-founder

      Franz Bergmeier

      Chief Sales Officer

      Tobias Gruber

      Head of Products

      Moritz Weikert

      Head of Projects

      Benjamin Collett

      Head of Finance & Investor Relations

      Sarah Vogl

      Head of HR Business Development

      Franziska Grammes

      Head of Pr

      Dr. Venkatesh Sarda

      Head of R&D | Lead Project Engineer

      Infener Nordics

      Øivind Gunnufsen

      Director / co-founder

      Arne Dahl

      Head of Sales & Partnerships