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Achieve energy independence and net-zero emissions with our award-winning plug-and-play product.
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the boundaries
of renewable energy

        Green H2 Hubs

        We initiate, invest, develop, and operate green hydrogen hubs to supply and decarbonise industry, mobility and communities.


        Transform your building and business through a decentralised system solution that centres around green hydrogen, to become self-sufficient and achieving net-zero.


        Our H2 plug-and-play products are developed to empower individuals and businesses on their journey to energy self-sufficiency and net zero.

        Infener finance

        We finance Green H2 Hubs and offer leasing and contracting options for our projects and products to accelerate the energy transition and develop new business models and markets.

            Supplying industry, mobility and communities with green hydrogen

            By unlocking the potential of storing green energy, increasing the resilience of renewables, serving as a highly potent energy carrier and offering a solution for future refuelling infrastructures, green hydrogen paves the way to a carbon-neutral world.

                “Green hydrogen stands as the centrepiece of our energy future, offering a game-changing solution to the global energy challenges.”

                Joel Vogl

                CEO and Co-Founder Infener AG

                Press Release

                50 MW green hydrogen hub to be build in Neumünster

                Mayor Tobias Bergmann gave the starting signal for INFENER's hydrogen lighthouse project at a press conference. The planned hub is expected to produce...

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                    How hydrogen shapes our energy future

                    Learn more about green hydrogen, how we can catalyse the growth of the hydrogen industry and hydrogen security aspects.

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