Industrial green hydrogen production, holistic system solutions and groundbreaking products


The future is decentralised, digitalised and built on self-sufficient and local value creation.

Our Focus

How green hydrogen shapes our energy future

Green hydrogen stands as the centrepiece of our energy future, offering a game-changing solution to the global energy challenges.

By unlocking the potential of storing green energy, increasing the resilience of renewables, serving as a highly potent energy carrier and offering a solution for future refuelling infrastructures, green hydrogen paves the way to a carbon-neutral world.

Our promise

We deliver net-zero across all industries

Our groundbreaking technologies and innovative engineering solutions enable our clients to improve energy efficiency, maximize profitability, and, above all, become a net-zero company committed to the future of our planet.

Our portfolio

Green hydrogen hubs, innovative system solutions & product development

  • Industrial hydrogen production to power communities and industries with green hydrogen
    Hydrogen plant
  • Self-sufficient charging stations powered by green energy, combining H2-refuelling, storing and e-charging solutions.
    System solution
  • Green hydrogen Solutions for existing or new building developments and complexes.
    System solution
  • Reliable and holistic energy supply for buildings from renewable energy - all year round.
    Product development
  • Reliable hydrogen-based system designed to replace diesel generators.
    Product development


Be ahead of your time

  • Independent of market fluctuation
  • High return on investment
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Hybrid system solution
  • Significant co2 reduction
  • supply Security
  • Modular and scalable
  • Durability

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ECORE ONE s now!

The ECORE ONE is a Reliable and holistic energy supply for buildings from renewable energy - all year round. Evron is a brand of ostermeier hydrogen solutions and INFENER, developed to release trailblazing energy products, based on hydrogen technology.


The Founders

Our board
& investors

  • Joel Vogl

    CEO & Co-founder
  • Christoph Waser

    CTO & Co-Founder
  • Pius Huwiler

    Board Member & Co-Founder
  • Felix Paul Schmid

    Business Developer &
  • David Zak

    Board Member & Co-Founder

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