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Ecore One honoured twice with German Innovation Award
Press release

Ecore One honoured twice with German Innovation Award

  • The Ecore One is a comprehensive plug & play solution for a self-sufficient power and heat supply of buildings based on hydrogen

  • At this year’s German Innovation Award, it was honoured with both the "Gold" award and a "Special Mention"

  • Decentralised hydrogen solutions such as the Ecore One can promote sustainable and renewable energy independence throughout Europe

Berlin, May 14, 2024: With the Ecore One, Infener – a pioneer in the production of decentralised and sustainable hydrogen solutions – and ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions (OHS) – a provider for local energy autonomy solutions – could convince this year’s jury of the German Innovation Award. For the comprehensive, hydrogen-based, and self-sufficient power and heat supply solution for buildings, it presented both a “Gold” award in the “W2 Excellence in Business to Business - Energy Solutions” category, as well as the “Special Mention” in the “W2 Excellence in Business to Business: Innovation Methods” category. The festive award ceremony took place on May 14, 2024 at the Futurium in Berlin. 

Joel Vogl, CEO and co-founder of Infener, states: “We are delighted that the Ecore One was honoured twice at the German Innovation Award 2024 and see this as a testament to the high innovative potential of our products. We want to transform the energy landscape with decentralised hydrogen solutions and aim to set new standards in terms of design. The future should not only be cleaner, but also more aesthetic.”

The Ecore One will be presented live for the first time worldwide at this year's Intersolar Europe fair in Munich from June 19 to 21, 2024. This event will also mark the beginning of serial production. 

Dr Markus Ostermeier, CEO of ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions, adds: “The recognition at this year's award underlines the enormous innovative power the Ecore One has. With this product, we can promote sustainable and renewable energy independence throughout Europe – without having to invest in new and expensive infrastructure.”

The Ecore One is a globally unique energy management system presented by the two partner companies Infener and ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions. The compact containerised solution provides buildings with a self-sufficient electricity and heat supply and contributes to a balanced grid, thanks to its hydrogen battery that is powered by renewable energy. The Ecore One can supply individual buildings or even entire city districts with decentralised energy and is able to help reduce grid bottlenecks and costs. The comprehensive plug & play solution provides carbon-neutral energy and supports businesses in successfully meeting ESG criteria. The hydrogen battery, consisting of an electrolyser, a hydrogen pressure storage vessel, and either a fuel cell or a Wankel engine, serves as a long-term storage unit. Depending on individual configuration, it is supplemented by various inverters, electric battery storage, a heat pump, heating and cooling buffer storage for home air conditioning, and two charging points for electric cars. The waste heat generated during electrolysis and operation of the fuel cell is utilised, a process that is further supported by the heat pump. Thanks to this holistic approach, the system achieves an exceptionally high overall efficiency. 

“As energy costs continue to rise, the desire for self-sufficient solutions is growing. Infener's Ecore One energy system, which can be customised for different buildings, combines PV connections, heat pump, electrolyser, H2 storage, fuel cell, e-charging stations and energy management system in a compact turnkey container solution, making it particularly simple and convenient. Another advantage is that this solution eliminates the need for utility rooms, as the transportable containers are located outside the building,” explained the jury. 

Entries for the German Innovation Award are judged by a highly respected, interdisciplinary jury of experts. Awards are presented in three tiers – “Special Mention”, “Winner”, and “Gold”. The award is hosted by the German Design Council. As the world's leading competence centre for communication and knowledge transfer in the field of design, branding, and innovation by its own account, the German Design Council promotes societal awareness for design and supports companies in all aspects of brand and design development. With 520 submissions from 23 countries, the German Innovation Award has once again been very well received in 2024. 

About Infener

INFENER is an AG founded in 2023 with headquarters in Switzerland and branches in Germany. The scale-up is dedicated to transforming the energy system and driving the growth of a green hydrogen economy and a decentralised energy supply. INFENER's solutions decarbonise municipal industrial and transport sectors with the aim of achieving a climate-neutral and economical energy supply. To this end, INFENER is developing green hydrogen hubs, integrated system solutions, and innovative products such as the Ecore One, which are powered by renewable energies. The holistic approach and the goal of a circular hydrogen economy are central to INFENER. 

Further information can be found at

About ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions 

ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions, founded in 2021 by two mechanical engineers, is headquartered near Munich. Specializing in comprehensive systems for autonomous energy supply with hydrogen, the company develops and manufactures decentralized long-term storage solutions. With their electrolysis kit, electricity can be converted into hydrogen decentralized and used on-site. To quickly provide their climate-friendly solutions to a broad market, OHS promotes collaboration with various partners for small, medium, and large energy solutions. Motto: We EmPower People. 

Further information can be found at

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